Audience Development Planning

We've created audience development plans for small venues and festivals, larger sectoral groups, and councils too.

Whether you need consultation on your existing plan, or you need the entire thing planned and delivered from scratch - we can help.

You can download our audience development plan template for free, but we're also here if you'd like one-to-one support and consultation on each aspect of audience strategy.

Price: £250+VAT for a half-day workshop to get you on the road to a usable plan.

Contact Claire Rose to find out more.

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Targeted Audience Development Support

Sometimes you don't need an over-arching plan. But you might need targeted support with one aspect of the audience development process. Here's how we can help:

Of course, we're always happy to chat, give tips and advice, and point you in the direction of free resources and research that's already out there. Just drop us a line.

What is Audience Development?

Audience development is about putting the audience at the heart of what you do. It's often confused with marketing, but audience development is integral to all aspects of making and sharing a cultural product.

It's a long-term process across many areas in your organisation. The first part is knowing your purpose - why you exist and who you are there for. Then, researching who your current and potential audiences are. After that, you can really start to focus on your audience - through your programming, your visitor experience, and your marketing.

  • It's thinking about who your audience is before you create work - why would it interest them?
  • It's thinking about your venue - who can access it? Is it friendly and welcoming? 
  • It's thinking about marketing - are you speaking your audience's language? Are they in your imagery? 
  • It's listening to your audience - after it's over, do you know what your audience thinks? What about those who don't engage? 

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Understand your audience, develop your strategy today.


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